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Pokemon GO cheat for Android

Pokemon GO cheat for Android

"Pokemon GO" cheat for Android
In the video, the player said to have updated the version of the hack into 1.3.1. He uses iPhone while promising to upload the Android version soon. This cheat works like a teleport according to his opinion, he has caught tons of Pokemons by taking himself to the exact pointed location.
Talking further about the hack, RatedLive said that the hack works without any PC to plug your phone into. In addition, there will also be more options appear to fake location, adjust speed and hatch eggs without even moving.
Previously, there have been many other players that use Pokemon GO cheat by jailbreaking the iDevices. This new hack could be an alternative to try in case you are not planning to jailbreak your iPhone.
Users commenting the "Pokemon GO" cheat
Many players who have tried and tested the method were surprised to find out that it actually works. They also claimed that many hacks were disabled and this is one of the cheat that still run.

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