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Download Resident evil 4 apk android game

Download Resident evil 4 apk android game

An English-language version of survival-horror classic Resident Evil 4 has finally lurched onto Android.

Before you scrabble for your handset and furiously stab at the Google Play icon, though, you should know that there's a catch.

Quite a big catch, actually.

You see, Capcom's beloved zombie blaster is only available on Samsung devices. From the Samsung Apps store. 

As many iOS fans will know, Resident Evil 4 has been available on the App Store since 2009.

Rather than port the complete console experience to mobile, however, Capcom decided to create a kind of greatest hits package featuring key moments from the original game for that iOS edition.

We reviewed both the iPhone and iPad incarnations of the zombie-infested third-person shooter, with our reviewers disagreeing over the quality of the game's dated visuals and control scheme.

While we expected Resident Evil 4 for Android to surface in English territories sooner or later (a Japanese version has been available on Google Play for some time), we're slightly surprised that Samsung bought the exclusive rights to stock it.

Perhaps this is the first step in a burgeoning relationship between Capcom and Samsung. Alternatively, this could just be the Resi dev's idea of a soft launch.


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