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Resident Evil (Unlimited Purchase)

Resident Evil (Unlimited Purchase)

Resident Evil 4" is a famous game Resident Evil 4 CAPCOM Andrews portable version. This version is the market CAPCOM official English version of the Samsung, the Korean version of the content and the same as before.
  The story took place in Raccoon City six years after the end of the event, actor Leon Kennedy's identity is American agents, belonging to the president, his latest mission is to save Ashley, that is, the president's daughter, this time umbrella companies have closed down, Lyon face the enemy is a group of ordinary people, but have been injected with a particular parasite, these people hide behind an organization, which kidnapped Ashley purpose is to control the U.S. President, the method is to give Ashley injection parasites, in order to control her, which further control the U.S. President, for the organization to seek ulterior interests. Resident Evil 4 biggest feature is the degree of interaction with the background more, the most obvious point, the game is quite a large portion of the items are not directly visible on the map, but stored in a variety of containers, such as boxes, vases among the items and some even nest in the tree, or stick to the wall, requires players to shoot a gun to appear, these changes undoubtedly greatly enhanced interactive game, players not just go kill the map enemy puzzle, you need to observe the screen in some of the inconspicuous places to prevent missed treasures, and in some cases players can interact with the background without the same, such as jumping through the window, jumped the lamp off the hook , kicking down the ladder, they can make the research process more interesting players. Thanks to apklover for the upload.

Requires Android: and up 

Instruction: Install apk and play....

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