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Gravity Rush 2 Game for Android

Gravity Rush 2 Game for Android

Gravity Rush 2 Game for Android
Gravity Daze 2

A continuation of a third-person perspective action game from Sony, which was originally released in 2012 (in Japan known as Gravity Daze) as one of the first exclusive titles for PS Vita. Four years later a remastered version of the title was published on PlayStation 4. The action of Gravity Rush 2 is set in the same setting as the first installment. The inhabitants of a retro-futuristic metropolis once again have to face a powerful gravity storm. Kat, the main heroine who can manipulate gravity, is there to save the day. Thanks to her abilities, the protagonist can defy laws of gravity at will, fly, walk on vertical surfaces, bounce off environmental elements, and use peculiar types of attacks. Kat uses her skills to help inhabitants of the city and to face hordes of various monsters that appeared on Earth along with the mysterious storm.

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