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Siegecraft Commander Game for Android

Siegecraft Commander Game for Android

Siegecraft Commander Game for Android

A warfare-oriented strategy created by Blowfish Studios, notable for the warmly-received Gunscape. Siegecraft Commander takes us to a fantasy universe, contested by Knights of Freemoi and Tribes of Lizardmen. The game offers a singleplayer campaign, allowing the player to control both factions. In this case, the game is similar to a traditional real-time strategy. For a change, the multiplayer mode allows choosing between real-time gameplay and a turn-based one. The encounters were inspired by tower defense genre, with the players taking over more and more territory until they clash. There is a catch – each tower has to have a direct link to the center, and if the chain is broken, every link ahead is destroyed. In order to win, every player has to build complicated installations, sustainable in case of sudden losses. Siegecraft Commander employs a light-hearted, unrealistic visual style.

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